Chinese engineering and technology have developed rapidly since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. China has trained a large number of skilled engineers and technicians across a range of disciplines .These professionals have played a major role in the development of the national economy, in the continuous improvement of quality of life, and in the advancement of science and technology around the world.... More

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Guilin University of Technology


Guilin University of Technology was founded in 1956, is situated in the world famous scenic city of Guilin located in the Southern China. The campus lies north of Qixing (seven-star) park, the Li River meandering to the west. With an elegant environment featuring lush green trees, quiet and peaceful, the university is an ideal place for academic study and research.

GUT consists of 16 teaching units, offering 49 undergraduate programmes and 35 postgraduate programmes with more than 16,000 full time students and 1,700 staff. In cooperation with other universities, it also enrolls PhD candidates. With 20 scientific research institutions, four key disciplines at the provincial level, one key New Processing Technology for Nonferrous Metals and Materials Laboratory at the national level and constructed by the Ministry of Education, and one Information Engineering Centre, GUT is a university where engineering takes the lead among its multiple discipline offerings including the liberal arts, science, management, business, law, and agriculture. With a bucolic quiet and peaceful environment featuring lush green trees GUT is an ideal place for academic study and research.

Over the past decades GUT has trained more than 40,000 qualified graduates and accomplished over 200 important research projects at both national and provincial levels, winning the National Science and Technology Advancement Awards and many other awards.

International exchange and Collaboration:
International exchange has been highlighted by the university. GUT has established close and friendly relationships and cooperative links with more than 80 well-known universities and institutions from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Korea. University and its counterparts overseas in the fields of education, science and technology, academic research, and industry in order to improve the quality of teaching, raise the level of scientific research and increase the effectiveness of the school's operation.

Why Guilin University of Technology?
» Located in the world famous scenic city of Guilin
» Peaceful, secure learning environment
» Academically recognized within China and by leading accreditation institutions abroad
» Highly qualified, internationally experienced staff devoted to serving the university
» Comparatively low fees and living costs
» Excellent student support services
» Provides a bridge to the mysterious Eastern culture
» Advanced linguistic-training facilities and diverse Chinese cultural programmes
» Regular arrangements for informative cultural tours
» Convenient transportation connections to East and Southeast Asia

Courses being offered:

Free Language + Paid bachelors { Over 45 major subjects available}


Living on campus:


Guilin University of Technology provides living accommodation for international students. An application form for on-campus accommodation shall be submitted along with the application form for Admission if on-campus living accommodation is needed.

2) Living off campus:

In accordance with the relevant rules and Regulations of the Chinese government, international students are allowed to rent legal housing off campus. Renting illegal housing is not protected by the law. Register at the police station where the living place belongs within 24 hours after entering China, if living off campus.

Guilin City:


Guilin. The stunning landscape in which the city is situated has a kind of magic that is all its own. The strangely shaped hills, or karsts, with the verdant vegetation ranging from bamboo to conifers together with wonderful caves make Guilin such an attraction for tourists. Guilin is a well-developed tourist center with convenient transportation,


communication and accommodation facilities. You can enter Guilin by air, by train or by bus and get around on free buses. From luxury hotels to hostels, from splendid restaurants to local snacks, you are sure to find that your needs will be met beyond your expectations.