Chinese engineering and technology have developed rapidly since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. China has trained a large number of skilled engineers and technicians across a range of disciplines .These professionals have played a major role in the development of the national economy, in the continuous improvement of quality of life, and in the advancement of science and technology around the world.... More

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South China University of Technology (SCUT) is one of China's leading universities operating under the direct leadership of the State Ministry of Education. SCUT consists of two campuses in Guangzhou. The north campus, situated in Tianhe District, is a propound culture area in beautiful surroundings of lakes and mountains, bluish greenery and luxuriant flowers, traditional buildings and modern architecture, which earns itself the title of "Civilized Campus" issued by the ministry of education. The south campus, located in the University Town of Panyu, has open and spacious environment, with extensive landscape and modern architectures being a feature.



Since its establishment in 1952, SCUT has developed into a major university that offers comprehensive disciplines including The university has a batch of advanced scientific research organizations and technology development bases. There are 1 national key laboratory, 2 national engineering research centers, 4 key laboratories designated by the State Ministry of Education, 1 national class A architecture design and research institute, 1 national science park, 6 key laboratories designed by Guangdong province, 1 national teaching base of engineering mathematic course, 1 national cultural-enriched education base for university students.

Aiming for an international university, SCUT has been very active in international academic exchange, promoting collaborations with more than 50 overseas universities. All degree programs of SCUT are for international students to apply for. Our international students currently enrolled come from 47 countries to study Chinese, Chinese Culture, Arts, Science, Engineering, and Business Management, etc. School of International Education (SIE) is responsible for the recruitment, management and teaching to international students, offering foundation courses as well as liaison service to the Chinese students who are going to study abroad. Besides long-term and short-term general Chinese language programs, SIE also offers content-based Chinese courses in IT, Science and Business, Cantonese course, culture tour for the aged and summer/winter camp, etc. With 10 years of practice in teaching international students, our faculty has become enriched in teaching experience that has led to profound teaching

Programs Offered in English:

BE in Computer Engineering-(duration: 4 years)

BE in E-Business-(duration: 4 years)

International Cooperation:
Polytechnic University of New York, USA
Pittsburg State University, KS, USA
University Edinburgh UK
University of Queensland, Australia
Ecole Polytechnique, University of Nantes, France
Queen Mary and Westfield College
University of Wales Swansea, UK
Leeds University, UK
Lingnan University, Hongkong
College des Ingenieurs,
HAMK University of Technology, Finland
France CERAM Sophia Ant Polis College of business
Undergraduate programs offered in English:

Computer Engineering-(duration: 4 years)
E-Business-(duration: 4 years)


The university provides hostel to the international students. Single room or Two persons share a room with air conditioner, attached bathroom, color TV, telephone, bed with required amenities and furniture, internet access , public laundry, refrigerate and kitchen. Students are required to pay the electricity and water they used.

About City:

Guangzhou, located at the north of the Pearl River delta, is an important trading center as well as a busy port and the capital city of the province of Guandong . The city has an area of over 16,000 square kilometers and a population of 6.7 million. Like Athens of Greece and Rome of Italy, Guangzhou also has a history of more than 2,800 years.
There are a lot of interesting legends concerning its past. One of the beautiful stories which gives the city its name Goat Town says that five gods riding on five goats brought the first grain to the city. So, it is also known as the City of Five Goats. Besides tales and stories, here and there stand monuments of the city’s democratic and revolutionary past. The monument to the Anti British struggle at San Yuan Li is in remembrance of the 1841 uprising against a British invading force. The Huang Hua Gang Park keeps alive the spirit of the 72 martyrs killed in an 1911 uprising against the Manchu dynasty. The National Peasant Movement Institute is the former cadre-training school founded and run by Mao Zedong and Zhou En Lai in 1925-1926. The Guangzhou Memorial Garden is in memory of those who lost their lives during the Communist Uprising in 1927.

Guangzhou is also one of the most important centers of foreign commerce in South China. The Chinese Export Commodities Fair has been held twice a year in the city since 1957. It is also a cultural center. There are several universities, the Zhongshan University, the South China University of Technology, the Ji-nan University and so on. There are also higher educational establishments. The city is renowned for its arts and crafts, namely the Guang Dong embroidery, ivory-carving and ceramics. Guangzhou is a beautiful city with an ever-green scenery and flowers blooming all the year round. The city boasts many tourist attractions, among which highlights are White Cloud Hill Scenic Spot. Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou Zoo, Six Banyan Temple and Flowery Pagoda, Dr. Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall, etc. In the Suburbs, there are such scenic spot on Conghua Hot Springs, Xiqiao Hill Scenic spot, Seven Star Crags, and Foshan City. Lots of tourists to Guangzhou like to cover one or two of them for out-of-city pleasure. Climate : Guangzhou has a sub-tropical climate. The average year-round temperature is 22C. August is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 28C. January is the coldest month, with an average of 13C. The rainy season falls between April and August. Average annual rainfall is 1,720 mm.