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Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) was established in October 1952. It has 2 campuses now: Minggugong Campus (situated on the remains of the ancient Ming Palace) and Jiangjunlu Campus (situated in Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone), covering an area of 173 hectares with a building floor space of 650,000 square meters. The library has a collection of over 1,300,000 volumes. Now the total number of registered students is 24,500. Among them 14,800 are undergraduates, 3,700 postgraduates, 111 overseas students and 5,900 part-time students. NUAA has a staff of 2,478, among whom 1,400 are faculty members and researchers. There are 196 professors , 510 associate professors,5 CAS and CAE academicians,117 Ph.D.supervisors,3 members of academic Degree Committee under the State Council,3 "Cheungkong" professors, 26 professors with national or provincial recognition for their outstanding contribution.

NUAA has gone through 3 major periods since 1952, evolving from a teaching-oriented university to a research-oriented university. Currently administrated by the Commission of National Defense Science, Technology and Industry, NUAA is a national key university that focuses on science and engineering. It enjoys a well-balanced development of multiple disciplines in modern engineering and technology, management sciences, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences with the characteristics of aeronautics, astronautics and civil aviation. NUAA has successfully entered the 211 Project and established the graduate school.

NUAA consists of the following colleges:
1. College of Aerospace Engineering
2. College of Energy & Power Engineering
3. College of Automation Engineering
4. College of Information Science & Technology
5. College of Mechanical and Mechanical Electrical Engineering
6. College of Material Science & Technology, College of Civil Aviation
7. College of Flight, College of Science, College of Economics & Management
8. College of Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Arts
9. Jincheng college, Department of Physical Education
10. College of Continuing Education and College of Advanced Vocational Education.
Up to now NUAA has set up 50 research institutes and 58 laboratories including 1 National Key Laboratory,7 ministerial Key Laboratory, 1 National Teaching Base for Electrical Engineering and Electronics, providing first class facilities and conditions for teaching and researching.
Turning from a teaching-oriented university to research-oriented university, NUAA decides to implement the strategy of "relying on faculty and students, giving full play to potentials, highlighting feature, accelerating development". Faced with new challenge and opportunities, the administration, faculty and students are determined to build NUAA into a first class university with international renown.

Programs offered in English:

BE in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering-(duration: 4 years)

BE in Mechanical Engineering-(duration: 4 years)

BE in Software Engineering-(duration: 4 years)

BE in International Business-(duration: 4 years)



NUAA took the 1st place in Chinese University of satisfaction list. With rapid progress in teaching and researching, NUAA has successfully entered the 211 project and accomplished the 9th five-year-project, setting up solid foundations for further development in research, teaching and technology innovation an application. Basic construction in NUAA has made great strides in supporting the above. Since 1996 the School has developed a total of 280,000 square meters, an equivalent to that completed between 1952 and 1985, to suit the increasing demand for development. To meet the new challenge in the 21st century, NUAA has raised funds to purchase 67 hectares for a new campus in Jiangning Economic & Technological Development Zone. The new campus, with 9500 students living on it now, shall accommodate 14,000 students upon completion. Adorned by beautiful trees and flowers.
NUAA has become a key comprehensive university after 5 decades' development. Faced with new challenges and opportunities at the 21st century, faculty and students at NUAA are determined to seek further development with great confidence. The School will continue to focus on teaching and researching for better quality of education, higher standards of disciplines, more scientific achievements, and greater efficiency in management and yield in operation. Through combined efforts, we will gradually turn NUAA into a first-rate university in China in 30 years and make it well known in the world.

Advantages of NUAA:
1. According to the statistics issued by the Ministry of Education, NUAA remained one of the ten top universities for 7 consecutive years (from 1991 to 1997) in terms of the total number of achievements and awards in scientific research.
2. NUAA was awarded "Unit of Great Contributions "by AVIC and "Advanced Group of Scientific and Technological Work in National Institutions of Higher Learning" by the former Ministry of Education and the former National Commission of Science of China.
3. It is hoped that by 2010, NUAA will have become the nation's first-class university enjoying worldwide renown.
4. The University offers the courses both in English Medium and Chinese medium.
5. NUAA has taken great interest in international academic exchanges and scientific cooperation. Since 1987, over 1,000 persons have been sent to as many as 34 countries and regions for advanced studies, academic exchanges and cooperation.
6. NUAA now has over 13,100 students pursuing degree programs at different levels. Among them.11, 100 are undergraduates and about 2,000 postgraduate students.
7. The University has a staff strength of 2, 450, among whom 1,380 are faculty members and researchers with 160 being professors and 540 being associate professors.
8. NUAA has raised enough funds and purchased an area of 50 hectares in the Jiangning High-Tech Development Zone to build a new campus that can accommodate 12,000 students.
9. NUAA consists of 10 colleges. NUAA has set up as many as 50 research institutes.
10. There are as many as 27 programs with 50 majors, among which, 42 offer master's degrees and 21 doctor's degrees.

All candidates who are applying for courses taught in English medium and Chinese medium should have completed their High School with 50% of Marks.
All applicants should be 18-60 years old.

Students who have Completed 12 years of formal Schooling [Excluding Kinder Garden Education], with Subjects in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are eligible for the Medical Program.



Students Apartment on Campus:
The university provides hostel to the international students. Single room or Two persons share a room with air conditioner, attached bathroom, color TV, telephone, bed with required amenities and furniture, internet access , public laundry, refrigerate and kitchen. Students are required to pay the electricity and water they used.


About Nanjing City:

Nanjing is situated on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in eastern China. The city covers an area of over six thousand square kilometers with a population of over 6.2 million.

Nanjing is situated on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in eastern China. The city covers an area of over six thousand square kilometers with a population of over 6.2 million.
As the capital of Jiangsu province, Nanjing is an important cultural and education center. The city boasts many of the province’s top universities and colleges. The city's notable student population consists of both native Chinese and foreigners. The name Nanjing, which means "South Capital", is reflective of the importance of Nanjing as the capital of six dynasties in China's fabled history (Wu, Eastern Jin, Song, Qi, Liang and Chen). The Chinese often refer to Nanjing as "Jinling" and/or "Stone City", while some foreigners know it as "Nanking". Officially named Nanjing during the Ming dynasty, it was called "Ning" for short.
Visitors to Nanjing will be impressed by the city's well-preserved traditional architecture and historical sights. Parts of the original city walls and city gates are still intact, a feature which sets Nanjing apart from most ancient Chinese cities.



Why study in Nanjing University

Why study in Nanjing University:

NUAA took the 1st place in Chinese University of satisfaction list in 2006

2008 Ranks of NUAA in Chinese Universities
No. 10 in Academic Achievement Rank
No. 13 in Chinese Engineering Universities
No. 35 in All Chinese Universities

1.  NUAA is the best University in Civil Aviation Education of China.

2.  NUAA is the best University in Aviation Education of South China and East China.

3.  NUAA is among the top-three best Universities in Aeronautical Engineering of China.

4.  NUAA is among the top-three best Universities in Mechanical Engineering of China.

5.  NUAA is among the best Universities in High Education of China.

6.  NUAA is located in the richest and most developed area of China.